Teens busted for McDonald's RapYou'd think 2 Live Crew had pulled up to the drive-thru at the McDonald's in American Fork, Utah, where a group of teens so terrified one of the employees with their rapping that they were cited for being disorderly in public.

Perhaps the drive-thru attendant had never heard of rap music before, or at the very least YouTube, where videos of ordering food in rhyme are so popular, even people in Sweden are doing it.

Sadly, this wasn't Sweden, it was Utah, and the sound of somebody rhythmically ordering a double cheeseburger in verse intimidated the employee badly enough that she felt it necessary to deny them service, get their license plate number, and call the cops, who eventually found them at a high school volleyball game. Because if there's one thing tough guys like, it's eating French fries and watching 17-year old girls try to spike it.

One of the kids who got busted is 18, and he's fighting the charges so that his permanent record isn't marred with a misdemeanor charge for ordering a sandwich while somebody was beat-boxing.

Check out a little bit of the inspiration for the prank in this version complete with funny-sounding words and accents.

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