There's good reason why shows like "Ghost Hunters" and "Destination Truth" are so popular: They're creepy, interesting and fun. They also feature some gorgeous women who make the hairs on our necks stand on end. Watching scarily hot ladies investigate paranormal activity in night-vision is hot. It's no surprise that they seem to get the most ghostly attention; even lingering spirits want to get next to them.

Partly to celebrate Halloween and partly out of appreciation for their investigative journeys into the paranormal, we've scared up a list of our favorite real-life specter-seeking hotties, along with fictional phantasm chasers. Yeah, they're probably out our league, but if our homes are ever host to full-body apparitions, floating balls of light or other unexplained phenomena, we know who we're gonna call.

Jael de Pardo "Destination Truth"
This bilingual beauty gets dragged into some crazy locales thanks to head Truth-seeker, Josh Gates. While her language skills help get the scoop on scary situations, you can't help but feel a little bad when she's basically used as bait every episode. You'd think being smart and attractive would keep you out of situations where mythological beasts or angry spirits could attack you. But Jael bravely goes on crazy adventures in an attempt to shed light on the world's spookiest mysteries and usually ends up on the verge of a heart attack. And for that we are eternally grateful.
Kris Williams "Ghost Hunters"
Ghost Hunter Kris is the girl next door -- if the house next door were home to restless spirits, that is. Using science to prove or disprove paranormal activity, TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) travels around the country inspecting popular haunting grounds. Kris serves as the group's sexy historical researcher and investigator. She can measure us for EMF spikes any time.
Ashley Godwin "Ghost Hunters International"
Nothing turns us on more than scientific, perky and easily spooked women. Ashley fits the bill on all counts. Being the youngest member of the seasoned GH:I team doesn't stop Ashley from contributing more than eye candy for the dead. In fact, she's thrown into situations she probably would rather avoid, like hanging out above the gates to hell. Well, there goes our idea for a first date.
Jennifer Love Hewitt "The Ghost Whisperer"
We're willing to overlook Love Hewitt's questionable movie roles ("The Tuxedo"? Really?) since her portrayal of an unbearably hot woman who can hear the sweet nothings of the recently deceased is spot-on. Melinda Gordon would be our haunting choice if we were ever stuck on earth after dying. Since she could also see us, we'd just have to make sure to do some post-death ab work; they say the afterlife adds 10 lbs.
Patricia Arquette "Medium"
We can think of two big reasons why Arquette made this list: She plays a hot mom who communes with dead people, and her character Allison DuBois constantly faces an uphill battle convincing non-believers about her gift. And you thought we were going to make some crass remark about her breasts.