Inside TV's Tom Conroy recently admitted to being a straight guy who loves "chick" shows. As fans of quality TV that occasionally skews to the less-than-masculine ("Gilmore Girls," "My So-Called Life"), we can relate.

Check out our pro/con list for some of the most popular "lady" shows currently on the air, then share your favorites (or least favorites) with us in the comments. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to go add reruns of "Dallas" on the Soap Channel to our DVR list.

"Project Runway"
Heidi Klum usually wears something ridiculously low-cut, Tim Gunn is like the awesome gay uncle you never had and hot models show off the contestant's designs.
Cons: The process of making said designs is often punishingly dull.

"Gossip Girl"
Kristen Bell's narration brings back fond memories of "Veronica Mars." Also, Chuck Bass is an entertaining sleaze.
Cons: The terrible puns she's forced to recite makes us miss "Veronica Mars." Chuck Bass has been fairly boring of late.

"The Hills"
Pros: The many hip restaurants and beachfront properties the cast hang out in offer a scenic tour of sunny Los Angeles.
Cons: The people taking up space in those locales are a bigger drain on California's oxygen supply than the smog.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey"
Pros: That one episode where one of the housewives flipped over a table.
Cons: Any episode that doesn't involve table flipping.

On a recent episode, Rebecca Romijn threatened to kick a guy in the 'taint. So there's that. Also, the very funny Sara Rue is among the cast, playing yet another best-friend-to-the-boring-pretty-girl role.
Cons: All of the witches' powers seem to consist of making generically hunky guys fall in love with them. You're a witch. Bake a kid into a pie or something.

"Desperate Housewives
Pros: With Drea de Matteo in the cast this year, the show finally has a housewife with some edge.
Cons: Our problem with this show boils down to our problem with "Sex and the City": Not enough Kyle MacLachlan.

"Top Chef"
Pros: Padma Lakshmi is the best thing Salman Rushdie's name has been attached to in years; the many tasty recipes will inspire you to actually turn on that heat-box thingy in your kitchen for a change.
Cons: The crushing disappointment that comes with realizing that your salmon mousse and oyster remoulade with garlic toast points has given you and your girlfriend food poisoning.

Are there any shows that your girlfriend or wife watches that you secretly enjoy?