Don't judge a book by its cover. Fedor Emelianenko, the unassuming bald Russian with the 1,000-yard stare, is arguably the greatest mixed martial arts fighter on the planet, and has been for over five years.

"The Last Emperor" has an intimidating 30 - 1 record with victories over numerous former UFC heavyweight champions. Why haven't you heard of Fedor Emelianenko? The secret news media cabal hides the truth? Or, more likely, because the majority of Fedor's fights/victories took place in Japan.

This Saturday, you can rectify your ignorance by seeing Fedor fight American knockout machine Brett "The Grimm" Rogers. The Strikeforce and M-1Global event will be televised on CBS -- or you can join us to view it at Union Bar, if you're in NYC.

So what did we do when we got a chance to talk to this scary-tough cage fighter who doesn't speak English and is friends with Vladimir Putin? Ask him about "Rocky IV," of course. Enjoy.

In case you aren't familiar with Fedor's previous work, check out this video that highlights the destruction he's capable of delivering:

Intrigued? Ready to have your mind blown? Check out some of these WTF drawings he did:

You can see more drawings at MMA Root.