You're home for the holidays and you're tired of playing Monopoly, so you decide to order a pay-per-view new release. Hey, it's rated R, but your parents are open-minded and you guys had that one talk about sex about 12 years ago, so it's all good, right? Wrong. You just rented "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," starring Jason Segel's schlong as the main character. Pretty soon every family member is pretending to "go to the kitchen for something" and then going upstairs to hide behind a locked door.

Inspired by the outpouring of comments on Lemondrop's "What's the Most Embarrassing Movie You Ever Watched With Your Parents?" post, we've listed some of the worst offenders in the familial discomfort department.

By far the most mentioned film, Sasha Baron Cohen doesn't just make his unwitting cinematic victims uncomfortable with edgy situational humor, he also makes children wish their movie theater seats would swallow them whole so they don't have to watch 10 minutes of nude wrestling with Mom and Dad.

"Jerry Maguire"
When people think about this movie today, they remember lovable little Jonathan Lipnicki and "You had me at hello." Pop this movie in around the 'rents and the seemingly neverending wall-humping scene will be burned into your retinas instead.

"What's Eating Gilbert Grape"
You would think a PG-13 tearjerker featuring a mentally retarded Leonardo DiCaprio would be the perfect family film, but then there's that whole scene where Mary Steenbergen, an underrated sex bomb if you ask us, spends a full screen minute teasing and tempting Johnny Depp, then attempting to go full oral on him. Now we know what's eating Gilbert Grape -- Mary Steenbergen.

Same problem here -- this is a PG-13 featuring a mentally retarded Leonardo DiCaprio (we're kidding, he's just from Wisconsin) in what might be the perfect family film: a sweeping epic blockbuster, a love story, an adventure saga, all with stunning period costumes and set pieces. Oh, and it's also one of the 8,279 movies to feature Kate Winslet's boobs. Sorry, Mom, I have to go upstairs and look up something on the Internet, back in time for the third hour of the boat slowly sinking.

Lemondrop commenter sadrbwis said it best: "My father built canoes when I was growing up. After I was married and moved back closer to home, I invited my parents over for the evening and had seen something about a movie called 'Deliverance.' All I knew was that some guys were canoeing down a river ... when it got 'ugly', I pretended that I was sleeping!"

"Boogie Nights"
Sometimes, when you order a movie or watch it on premium cable, you see the title and a vague description of the plot, and think, "Hey, this sounds like a movie about dancing, and it features lovable actors like Mark Wahlberg and Burt Reynolds. Of course, like "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," the most important "star" here is a large flaccid penis. In this case, it's a prosthetic, but try telling that to your grandmother when she faints at the sight of the thing.

You would think a goofy comedy starring more all-American actors like Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick and revolving around a high-school class election would be, at worst, a profanity-laden romp through the Midwest. It's all of those things, plus full of subplots about child-molesting teachers, erotic extramarital affairs, BJs and pool sex. In other words, perfect for Thanksgiving.

What's the most embarrassing movie you ever watched with your parents?