Do you know what's more awesome than being greeted by both Chewbacca and the president? Being greeted by Chewbacca, the president and candy.

The White House's official Flickr stream contains more awesome than you can shake a stick at, now that Halloween photos are posted. Sure, when mom decorates for Halloween you get some spiders and webbing in the tree out front. When Obama does Halloween, he goes hardcore.

The White House invited children to have some fun for Halloween and at the same time managed to use their ultra-futuristic bubble security system to catch a fairy before it could steal any kids.

Scary Halloween costumes are hard to come by. Luckily, someone on the White House staff decided a mix of Cirque du Soleil and an abomination of nature would suffice and planted this living grapevine on the grounds. White House, Halloween, grapevines ... all makes sense to us.
The First Lady in a leopard costume reminds us of Eartha Kitt as Catwoman back in the day. Here's hoping she either beat the hell out of Adam West after handing out candy or maybe she just saved all the nasty Bit-O-Honey bars for Fox News.