Vanessa Rousso, a member of Team PokerStars Pro, has over $3.2 million in career tournament earnings. Her biggest win was for $946,000 at the PokerStars European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monte Carlo this past May. We were so impressed by all that cash flow that we asked her to provide us with the top 10 things you should never say to a female poker player.

10. "You can sit right next to me, sweety!" Sure, I'll sit next to you, buddy! However, your wife might get mad when I take all your chips!

9. "Girls are always sooo lucky!" We're not lucky -- we're just skilled and think with the right head. Poker is a SKILL game!

8. "I check to the lady." This one is so annoying! What a pointless thing to say, I don't say 'check to the overweight bald guy!'

7. "Where's your boyfriend?" Where's yours, sweetness?

6. "If you play your cards right you might have a chance." Don't use cheesy innuendos to try and flirt with me. They don't work and it shows you have no game.

5. "Are you any good at strip poker?" Poker is poker. It's just a wager and I play to win. Although I wouldn't want to be around when you lose!

4. "Poker is generally reckoned to be America's second most popular after-dark activity. Sex is good, they say, but poker lasts longer." Sounds like you're doing them both wrong.

3. "Oh, she can bluff!" Yup, and you can't because when that vein pops in your neck, I know what you're going to do.

2. "Yeah I knew you had that hand." OK, that's just tedious. You never, ever attempt to say it before the hand is shown, only once you've seen what it was. Your psychic ability is amazing! Maybe Dionne Warwick will tell you how to win next time.

1. "Do you actually know what you're doing?" I want you to think I don't have a clue. This way I can take all your chips. Do you actually know what you're doing?