If there's one thing we're about at Asylum, it's service. Which is why we've decided that instead of only providing you with pictures of beautiful women, we're giving you pictures of beautiful women you could actually date. (And they're smart too!) Check out the latest crop of hot girls with cool jobs, this time in what could be classified as "nerdy" fields.

adventurebound99 Computer Geek (Fairport, N.Y.)
In addition to knowing how to fix your RAM or ROM or whatever, this lovely lady might also want to ROW. (She likes kayaking and other outdoors activities.)

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LOving_Life Database Analyst, Mississagua, Ontario, Canada
This brainy beauty not only loves video games, but she's a fan of Batman and Catwoman comic books. She said she's been described as a guy's girl who occasionally likes to eat junk food, aka as a "dream girl."

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Jaime_1224 Software Engineer (Boynton Beach, Fla.)
This blonde is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves her job but has plans to become a research scientist/professor in the near future. Eventually she'd like to get a PhD in oceanography or marine science so she can study coral reefs. Yes, that means she might go to work in a bikini.

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Bec052007 Mapmaker (St. Louis)
Just like us, this adorable and admittedly social gal spends her days "playing with computers and making maps." Well, we do that first part anyway. She sports a B.S. in geography and is working on her master's degree. And when not exploring her geeky side by charting out the world, she likes to travel.

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