A bricklayer in Brazil who'd been reported dead turned up very much alive at his own funeral, shocking family members and, perhaps, providing excellent fodder for a third "Weekend at Bernie's" movie.

Ademir Jorge Goncalves, 59, stayed up all night at a truck stop, talking with pals and tipping back copious amounts of a sugarcane liquor called cachaca. Meanwhile, back home in the town of Santo Antonio da Platina, his relatives had not heard from him and feared the worst. So when a car crash claimed the life of a man matching Ademir's description that night, they immediately planned a funeral for their departed relative the following morning, as is Brazilian tradition.

"The corpse was badly disfigured, but dressed in similar clothing," a police spokesman said. "People are afraid to look for very long when they identify bodies, and I think that is what happened in this case."

Goncalves didn't hear about any of this until the morning of the funeral, when he rushed to the scene to let his relatives know he was still alive. "His mother looked at the body in the casket and thought something was strange. She looked and looked and couldn't believe it was her son," the police spokesman said. "Before long, the walking dead appeared at the funeral. It was a relief."

The correct identity of the dead body was finally figured out on Monday, but not (we're guessing) before the relatives of the victim had a good laugh about the wacky mix-up.