Robot hand gripping plastic bottle ... for now.It was a tossup between awesome and horrifying, but we're going to go with horrifying on this one: Scientists have created a robot hand that can be attached to the human body and controlled by the brain.

The SmartHand, which can be attached to the nerve endings at the end of an arm-stump, was developed by scientists in Europe and has an interface that not only receives messages from the brain, but it also sends them back in the form of sensations.

Let's repeat that -- the robot attached to the end of that dude's arm is sending messages to his brain. We are all going to die so very soon at the hands of robot hands.

Presently the SmartHand looks like a terrifying robot hand, but scientists are working on a way to make synthetic skin for it that would help deliver more sensations to the brain and presumably allow a man to walk up to you unnoticed and effortlessly squeeze the life out of your body.