Required reading from the week in books.

"I Am the New Black" is the wit and wisdom of Tracy Jordan, er, Morgan and his alter ego, the lady-impregnating Chico Divine. We're starting to think Morgan has a serious mental condition. A seriously hilarious mental condition, that is! No, seriously, this guy might need some help.

Also in stores this week:
-- Stephen King claims his latest cautionary horror story "Under the Dome" isn't ripping off "The Simpsons Movie." Then why does it have characters named Lenny and Carl, Stephen? Why indeed?
-- "Lost" honcho Damon Lindelof's long-delayed "Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine" series finally comes out in hardcover. Worth the wait, particularly for Hulk tearing Wolverine apart and tossing his legs up a mountain.
-- "Family Circus Library, Vol. 1" collects the early years of the strip, before the treacle permanently set in. Turns out Papa Keane had a bit of a Don Draper streak in him in those days.