Unless you live in New England, or perhaps Gainesville, believing your favorite team's coach is a braindead moron who could be easily replaced by a cocker spaniel is one of your indelible rights as a football fan. Not only that, it's part of the fun.

As our friends at With Leather are reporting, over the weekend much fun was had at the expense of otherwise successful headmen like Andy Reid, who's highly questionable challenges in the Eagles' Sunday night match up against Dallas suggest the longtime coach has no concept of either space or time, and Pete Carroll, who appears ready to waste a couple years of gold-star recruiting classes on grooming a freshmen quarterback when better options may exist.

This is to say nothing of the coaches who actually have become irredeemably awful -- and Charlie Weis, Rich Rodriguez and Lovie Smith were all subjected to their now-customary post-game walks of shame. Hell, Eric Mangini managed to make a mess of a week in which his team was mercifully given a bye. But which of this foursome of suckitude really, truly could be out-coached by a more-intelligent-than-average dog?