People in New Zealand have made a powerful enemy today: Paris Hilton. The socialite is less than amused by one company's decision to stamp unused billboard space with a picture of the hotel heiress with the word "vacant" stamped over her.

While this is keeping New Zealanders in stitches, Hilton didn't find it so humorous, and the company responsible, Media5, may be getting a phone call from a lawyer about using her image without permission.

Media5 noted they weren't using her image to make money. (Well, technically in order to make money they have to remove the picture of Paris and put up someone else's advertisement.) They also say they thought the design concept came with all legal requirements attached -- namely that someone actually had gotten permission to use the image.

A spokesperson said that if lawyers did get in touch with them, they'd probably remove the ads as they're "not trying to offend anyone." With the exception of Hilton, anyway.

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