The stage was set for a reunion of two of the biggest hip-hop crossover acts of the '90s. After a successful debut in Utah this past February, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice were ready to crank up the heat in Idaho Falls this weekend after a June date had fallen through, but fate stuck a fork in this billowy-panted matchup. The Idaho show has been canceled for a second time.

While the show's promoter didn't explain the cancellation, we consider ourselves to be legit in amounts that exceed our proclivity to quit, so we reached out to Ice and Hammer to find out why.

When the duo toured in the '90s, there was some friction, as Ice reportedly bragged that the crowds were feeling his performances more than Hammer's. This time, there doesn't seem to be the same level of drama. Vanilla Ice manager Tommy Quon released this statement to Asylum:

"The promoter did not complete his obligations in the contract."

Well, that clears it up. Considering Ice's history with bad contracts, it looks like this could have been worse.

As for MC Hammer, his publicist tells Asylum that despite the Idahoan curse, the pair remain open to performing together. While there's nothing planned for the near future, he says Hammer has booked overseas dates in March to perform with Vanilla Ice and well-seasoned rappers Salt 'n Pepa. For now, though, Idaho will have to wait.

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