We're suckers for an infographic, and this list of most loved and hated actors based on MetaCritic.com data winningly combines thousands of film reviews with pretty greens and yellows for a visual depiction of those Hollywood folks we most enjoy and revile.

But a glance at the "hated" reveals the patrician bias of critics, as it includes such likable C-listers as Martin Lawrence, Matthew Lillard and Eddie Griffin. And what's this -- Jessica Alba is in the red? As if her perky bosom and lush pout could ever rankle in league with, say, Jamie Kennedy's tired schtick. So we asked real guys to let us know what actors they hate the most. Check it out below.

Tommy: I could never get through an Adam Sandler movie. I loved him as a stand-up comic way back when, but I really hate his acting mannerisms, especially that high-pitched angry thing he does. It sounds like Sam Kinnison being imitated by a baby.

Ian: I hate Hugh Grant because he can't make a movie that won't bore me. I hate Ralph Fiennes because he refuses to pronounce his name correctly. It's Ralph, not Rafe. I hate Cedric the Entertainer for never even being in the same room as funny. I hate Ashton Kutcher for being the source of all that is wrong in the world. "Punk'd" was less funny than surgery, and why does he yell all the time?

Nick: Meryl Streep
. We get it, you can do accents. Also, the guy who played Mr. Sheffield on "The Nanny." Whenever he turned up on "Mad Men" this season, I completely tuned out.

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Gordon: Michael Madsen ... Same annoying smirking eyebrows. Yes, eyebrows can smirk, but they should not do so every time you recite a line.

Dan: Billy Bob Thornton. They say you're supposed to separate the artist from the art, but every time I see him on screen, I see the same douchebag that he is in his personal appearances, and it just takes me right out of the movie.

Emerald: Russell Crowe. There is something about him that makes me want to punch him in the face, which would be a terrible idea, because he would definitely punch me in the face right back. Also, Kristen Stewart was so terrible in Twilight that I almost cried.

Brian: Every time I see Leonardo DiCrappio on screen, I think, 'Hey, there's Leo DiCrappio, letting us know he is "acting." Whereas, when I see most other actors, I think, "There's that character again, being crazy." There's a difference, you see.

Tom: Jeff Goldblum makes me what to sneeze out my eyes balls and pour bleach down the holes.

Chris: Jamie Kennedy.
Good lord has he done ANYTHING funny? Sucked in Scream. Awful in that white-guy rapper movie. Never seen the Ghost Whisperer but I'm sure he is awful. He isn't funny. Also not funny, he is nailing JLH. I HOPE that's a huge joke.

What actor totally ruins a movie for you?