There are many reasons why a person would grow a mustache, from hiding a scar, to trying to look more mature, to the mistaken belief it will provide him inroads into the pornography industry. (Or because he's celebrating Movember by flaunting a mighty, cancer-fighting 'stache.)

On the other hand, the rest of the animal kingdom has no choice in the appearance of their upper lips. Yet, whether it be through fortunate genetics or an owner using their pet's face to make a statement, many of our furry friends are lucky enough to sport Magnum P.I.-quality mustaches.

We've compiled some photos of these handsome devils for your viewing enjoyment:

This pup has a future as a Groucho Marx impersonator.

Emperor Tamarin monkeys have the ornate 'stache to go with their royal names.

It's pirate Zorro!

This fellow's lip sweater is contributing to his long-faced blues.

He calls his mustache his fifth horseshoe.

Somebody told whitey a mustache would make him look tougher. They were incorrect.

However, here's a cat you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

Rollie Fingers has nothing on this bird of flight.

While Asylum readers decided that wearing a Hitler mustache should remain taboo, it's still cute when cats -- even evil cats hell-bent on world dominance -- do it.

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