Cops in L.A. have spent months tracking down a vandal who has caused thousands of dollars worth of damage by slapping "Who is John Scott?" stickers on buses, bus shelters and any other flat surfaces he could find.

Typically this is the domain of teenagers putting up ads for their garage bands, but this time, it was the work of a senior citizen. 73-year-old John Scott is officially the oldest person ever arrested in L.A. for street vandalism, beating the previous record holder who was 36.

And, like his younger counterparts, Scott was simply trying to gain some notoriety for himself. The stickers he was slapping about town directed people to a personal Web site that sells T-shirts and other merchandise featuring the "Who is John Scott?" logo, as well as a bit of scattered history about the mystery man, including newspaper clippings from the '70s detailing his arrest in Hawaii for trying to sell T-shirts to tourists using the same stickers.

Now that Scott's been charged with felony vandalism it's possible his tagging days are over, but with a career of over 30 years under his belt, he's certainly hit some kind of landmark status.

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