We all know the Internet is a place full of scorn and criticism. A Northern Virginia dad recently discovered that fact after he blogged about taking his 11-year-old son to Hooters after a football game.

Bob Elston's tale began the first week of the football season and continued as his story got picked up and spread around so that everyone on the interwebs could chime in with their two cents. According to Elston, he took his son to Hooters, along with another father-and-son tandem, as well as his own parents (the kid's grandparents) in order to see what kind of reaction his son would have to the restaurant's famed chicken wings. (All right, all right, he wanted to see his kid's reaction to the scantily clad wait staff.)

In his mind, it was an experiment to see how his son would behave in the presence of attractive women -- and whether or not he needs to start discussing issues of sex with the child.

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"How could you?" Elston's sister-in-law angrily asked him sometime after the Hooters visit. Once Elston's story hit his blog, all hell broke loose. Turns out his sister-in-law wasn't the only one who thought his kid had no business eating Hooters' delectable chicken wings. People have accused Bob of teaching his son to exploit women, have questioned whether he would take a daughter to the same sort of place, and even asked if he plans on having hookers serve as the entertainment for his son's 13th birthday party. (Apparently, attending a restaurant where the waitresses wear tight shirts is pretty much the same as paying for sex to some people.)

Elston seems to have thought through his plan before taking his son to Hooters, so he could be ready for any questions or concerns that his kid might have had. The photo for his blog was taken specifically so readers would not conjure up their own images in their minds, which were at odds with reality.

By and large it seems that Elston was being a hands-on, engaged father (just in a way a lot of people wouldn't choose for themselves). The issue has made him infamous. He's been interviewed on the radio and for newspaper stories. All this despite the fact that on any given day, at any given Hooters, you'll see several children having lunch. Unfortunately for Elston, he took the time to write about the experience online.