Just in time for the holiday shopping season, it's the Nude London Tech Calendar 2010. The 12-month wall calendar is perfect for your easily amused sister, easily freaked-out conservative mom, alcoholic Uncle Ernest and anyone else who enjoys the fine art of naked, young millionaire dorks of either gender.

And unlike most other, more ridiculous calendars, this is one you can actually ogle all year round without having to justify all the nudie pics you have plastered all over your office. That's because the models and founders are putting this out for one reason only: charity.

The proceeds go to Take Heart India, "a youth-run charity focused on IT education projects in India for blind and disabled students." The charity doesn't employ anyone, so 100 percent of proceeds are spent on education projects.

Are you still reading? Right, back to the nudity. The calendar features appearances by some of the best and brightest (anonymous) tech dorks in England, all of whom are naked and partially covered by a device that represents their career path.

We have to wonder why the girl pictured at the top is using a microphone, but we sure appreciate how Freudian it all looks. Regardless, editorial director Milo Yiannopoulos says there are no "unattractive geeks" at the top of any of these 12 months.

"I really think that geeks are the rock stars of today," adds model and tech writer Harmonie Way. "And hopefully this calender can help celebrate the geekiness of people. What could you want more for Christmas than a load of naked geeks on your wall?"

Here's a teaser trailer for the calendar that's about as safe for work as you get ... which is to say we're disappointed by the nudity quotient:

Purchase the cheap calendar directly from the U.K. by clicking here.