Even when we were young, we always knew that Cindy Crawford existed only in our fantasies and the best we'd get is for the stable hand on our family's farm to dress up in those same jean shorts Cindy always wore.

But now that we're older and more successful, we figured we still have no chance of dating a supermodel. Thanks to the statistics compiled by the Book of Odds, however, we now know the prognosis is slightly better than we thought!

Based on the fact that there are only about 300 actual "supermodels" out there (depending on your definition), the chances of you even meeting one seem incredibly slim, bordering on delusional. Thankfully, "All you have to do is be tall, attractive, wealthy and live in New York or L.A., and you might have a shot at bagging a supermodel."

Don't despair if you're a George Costanza-type, "between career moves" and living in a shack down by the river in Louisiana. Statistically, you can still narrow the playing field by being your really charming and confident self and driving up to Spring Fashion Week in the Big Apple, your best breath mints and a couple of jokes in tow.

Basically, making the effort that most guys are too chicken to make will, as the Book says, get your odds reduced from one in 178,100 to one in about 7,000, which is way better than your chances of winning your local lottery. (If you fit into all of those categories -- attractive, rich, etc. -- your chances are about one in 34.)

But what isn't easier for tall, attractive, rich guys? Besides developing a cast-iron sense of humor for the barbs of bullies to bounce off, that is.