Our happy hour fact to amaze you drinking buddies with.

Women who want to attract guys should expose 40 percent of their skin, study says.

Researchers at University of Leeds arrived at this number after observing social interactions from the balcony of one of London's biggest night clubs. Using hidden microphones, they recorded each time they saw a man approach a woman, and how much clothing she was wearing/skin she was showing. For the purposes of the study, arms counted for 20 percent of the body, legs for 30 percent and the torso for 50 percent.

Women who dressed to reveal 40 percent of their bodies attracted twice as much male attention as those who covered up. The researchers also concluded that showing too much skin indicates "general availability and future infidelity," which cuts down on male interest.

We'd like to know how late the researchers stayed at the club. "General availability" becomes a lot sexier at 3 a.m. as opposed to midnight.