It's World Toilet Day! But we don't have to tell you that, as you've no doubt had it circled on your calendar for months. While traditionalists celebrate by spending all day on the can reading back issues of Popular Mechanics, we can assure you there's more to the day than just regretting last night's chili.

World Toilet Day events are scheduled all over the globe and include "The Big Squat," to help raise awareness for the 2.5 billion people on Earth who don't have access to sanitation -- you're invited to take one minute out of your day at noon and pop a squat. That's right, just crouch down and have a somber moment of silence. Organizers encourage you to start your own Squat Squad to pop a squat in a public place and then explain to onlookers just what the heck it is that you're doing.

Other World Toilet Day events include:

-- Aussie Rowan Barber will celebrate having a designated place to poo "by fasting, meditating and praying while sitting silently on a toilet in King George Square."

-- Students in Germany will bring awareness to the cause through the use of toilet fairies, a toilet gravestone, and a 2-meter-high toilet globe.

--Students in Ghana will have their stool samples analyzed. And you thought you had awful field trips ...

-- Indian students will be in the running for the beautiful toilet contest. The three best toilets win an award.

-- Toilet enthusiasts in South Africa will be going door to door giving away buckets, brushes and toilet paper.

-- Over in the U.K., WaterAid is decorating Hyde Park Corner men's toilets with a trash dump, maggots, rusted pipes, a stagnant stream and a unique toilet scent for the enjoyment of the public. As they put it: "Members of the public will be able to experience the paradox between the above-ground world of London's beautiful Hyde Park and the loos below, as two very different worlds are brought together." This sounds like the worst Adam Sandler flick yet.

A lot of it sounds kind of silly, but ponder for a second what your life would be like if you didn't have a toilet, and you lived in a country in which no one had a toilet. Whoa. We need some time to think about that on the can.

Meantime, tell us how you plan to celebrate World Toilet Day -- and please, save the potty humor ... or not.

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