Last week, we introduced you to gaming expert Kathryn Lyn and her "10 Things You Should Never Say to a Gamer Girl." You countered with a collective "Is she really a gamer?" (Come on, guys, you're giving obsessively competitive gamers a bad name.)

Brent questioned Kathryn's omission of classic button-mashers in her interview: "No Mario games? At ALL? Zelda? Sonic? You're not a gamer. You're a pseudo-gamer who's just discovered gaming three years ago."

RicoSuave added, "Gamer tag? wt... oh... you're a 'console' gamer ... and Xbox live to boot ... call me when you're playing REAL games honey ;)."

Geoff disputed the lovely Ms. Lyn's claim that she has owned every video game system since the Atari 2600. "I am generally skeptical of this sort of statement, whether we are talking about a male or female gamer. Did she own an Atari Jaguar? TurboGrafx-16?"

Sorry, Geoff, but no one should admit to owning a video game system with jungle-cat eyes on its box.