Always sported a Mile High Club fantasy? The days of "stewardesses" being thought of as just sk-eye candy may be over, but there are still plenty of comely flight attendants who get great deals on romantic getaways. Just hit your "Call" button (i.e., email them) to get their attention.

Flygirl75darlene (Belleville, Ill.)

This former military brat is now a flight attendant for the U.S. Air Force which means she flies U.S. government officials all over the world. And we're guessing she gives a mean salute and knows how to bark a commanding, "Yes, sir."

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superchick34 (Austin, Texas)

Sporting degrees in environmental studies and marine biology, she loves the flexible schedule of being a flight attendant. And just in case anything happens in the cockpit, she just got her private pilot's license.

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skybarbie0 (Denver)

In her 10th year as an air attendant, she says she loves the unpredictability (e.g., waking up in Phoenix with a bowl of Cheerios, taking a couple flights and then maybe ending up in Austin for the night where she'll cap off her day with some live music). Sounds like a pretty good third date.

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summer421 (Herndon, Va.)

This sunny ex-Floridian doesn't even mind if you call her the non-PC "stewardess" because she embraces her job and loves to travel. When not flying the friendly skies, she loves football and beer.

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noe123 (Austin, Texas)

This petite flygirl has traveled the world thanks to her job but says that Greece and Scotland/Ireland are still on her to-do list -- and she's looking for a travel mate.

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kj2737 (Chicago)

If you'd rather date the one in charge, then check out this redhead who describes her job as "Boeing 737 driver."

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