In what is being called a landmark case for screamers and partners of screamers everywhere, a young couple whose loud sex noises drew complaints from neighbors has won the right to stay in their apartment in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bjorn Forsberg, 28, and Michelle Larsson, 26, drew the fire of nearby residents for their frequent and deafening lovemaking sessions, which caused neighbors to call for their eviction.

"Their screams of passion were so loud I could hear them three floors away," said one neighbor. "I don't think they were playing cards."

But a tribunal board ruled that there was no evidence that the noises were coming from Forsberg's and Larsson's apartment, and it was unclear exactly what was going on behind closed doors.

That's great news for the young couple and terrible news for the neighbors, who will continue to be reminded of how empty and boring their own sex lives are.