Last week we posted shaky camera footage of a wedding in which a tanked guest brought down a whole tent by gyrating on a support pole. We then asked whether you thought it was fake or the real deal.

Sixty-four percent of the almost 100,000 voters bought the footage as genuine. The most telling feedback we got, however, came from the Heineken beer company, which emailed us to let us know they were responsible for the video. (Ha, so most of you were wrong.)

As part of a campaign called Know the Signs, Heineken is targeting consumers through a series of realistic videos showing drunks at their worst. The effort also includes an iPhone breathalyzer application and the "Tag of Shame," which can be used on Facebook to doctor photos of your favorite drunken friends.

On the one hand, we're gratified that our suspicions of this video turned out to be correct. Still, we're disappointed that, thanks to Heineken, we will henceforth doubt the authenticity of every video where a drunk person does something funny. Et tu, drunkest guy ever?

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