While Disney World was once a wonderland of innovation, the amusement juggernaut could be faulted in recent decades for failing to embrace modern technology, especially when it comes to roller coasters.

Take Space Mountain, for example, which recently reopened after being shut down for seven months for updates. You'd imagine in seven months the mouseheads would find a way to actually blast customers into space.

"As you know, the classic Space Mountain experience still exists," explains Disney's Thomas Smith. "It's just being updated with new technology and 21st-century gadgetry. Inside the attraction, there's new lighting as well as special 'darkening' effects. And you'll see updated color schemes for rocket capsules, line and load areas. Imagineers worked with Walt Disney World Facilities Asset Management for even more enhancements, including new paint, carpet, seat fabric and other decor elements."

The update also includes videos games to keep ornery kids in check during the four-hour wait for a roller coaster in a closet. Because nothing screams "thrilling coaster experience" like video games aimed at middle-schoolers, new seats and berber carpet.

You'd have a better time riding the other Space Mountain. Woooooo!