Required listening from the week in music.

Animal Collective follows up one of the year's best albums with "Fall Be Kind," an EP companion piece to the hit "Merriweather Post Pavillion." Now can you stop wearing creepy animal masks, guys? You're critical indie darlings, not GWAR.

Also in stores this week:
-- "Live at Royal Albert Hall" is the first live DVD/CD from the popular fist-pumping band the Killers. Admit it: You never thought they'd be around long enough to sell out Royal Albert Hall.
-- "Stir the Blood" is the latest from electro-pop-hipsters/poor-man's-Killers The Bravery. Did you know that frontman Sam Endicott co-wrote Shakira's "She Wolf"? That sound you hear is whatever cred the band had left going straight down the drain.
-- R. Kelly's "Untitled" features some of the best song titles of the year. Could Animal Collective get away with putting out a song called "Bangin' the Headboard"? No, they could not. (And they couldn't get away with peeing on us either.)