It's 4 a.m., do you know where your children are? They could be doing all sorts of hair-raising, horrid things, like experimenting with over-the-counter cough medicine, finding new bodily openings to fire bottle rockets out of or drinking (gasp!) Grog XD!

One enterprising Argentine reporter uncovered the growing trend of "Grog" drinking (i.e., he followed a Facebook link and didn't bother to confirm it) and unveiled the shocking recipe that included such deadly ingredients as "battery acid," "kerosene" and (worst of all) "red dye #2." Dear God! Why isn't the Argentine Ralph Nader jumping down the Argentine Food and Drug Administration's throat as we speak?

Maybe because the whole thing was a fake. The "grog" recipe was taken from the classic LucasArts pirate comedy/adventure game, "The Secret of Monkey Island."

Watch this shocking, pointless report for yourself: