Once every year, the Victoria's Secret catalogs you steal from your girlfriend (and then render unreadable) come to life on CBS of all networks. This year was no exception, as the 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was broadcast Tuesday night. The Black Eyed Peas played. Heidi Klum walked the V-shaped runway weeks after giving birth (recovering more quickly from pregnancy than you will from Thanksgiving). And Victoria's Secret's newest model -- our most recent crush Kylie Bisutti -- debuted.

The evening also included an appearance by the much-ballyhooed "fantasy bra," which reportedly costs $3 million. The diamond-spangled boob-supporter, worn by model Marisa Miller, is so sparkly it could stop traffic. Of course, a Victoria's Secret model wearing decade-old Hanes could cause a crash on any roadway. Still, this thing really gives new meaning to "flashing her headlights."

Don't believe us? Give the video a look. It pops up (heh) around 1:50 into the clip.