We've been all excited about the arrival of newest Victoria's Secret model Kylie Bisutti. But no one was so personally invested as reader Takahashi, who commented that he went to school with the sultry blonde back when she was Kylie Ludlow (unfortunately, she's now married).

To prove it, he tracked down some middle-school photos of the brand new angel, from long before we would ever, ever consider perving on her. But if you ever needed incontrovertible proof that Victoria's Secret models were once normal, mortal women, look no further than these seventh- and eighth-grade yearbook photos from Greenspun Jr. High School in Henderson, Nev.

Oh, and Ms. Bisutti, may we ask you to consider returning to your natural brunette hair color? Victoria already has her share of notable blondes.

Seventh grade
Eighth grade

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