Buying gifts for guys is never as easy as pop culture would have us believe. After all, you can only have so many digital cameras, big-screen TVs, power tools and ugly ties. But trust us when we say any man worth the title would be happy to unwrap the Star Wars Force Trainer, a Beer of the Month Club membership, or anything else the following Christmas gift list for guys.

Star Wars Force Trainer ($99.99)
You might think this is a children's toy, but you'd be wrong. This is a force of nature, and it's awesome. The Star Wars Force Trainer actually works, thanks to brainwaves. The sensors are able to detect alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves and apply an algorithm, which can change those thoughts of yours into physical action. Sure, the action is only a fan that makes a little ball move, but this is still the most awesome thing to happen to toys since the cup and ball.

Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/C Helicopters ($224.99)
So technically this is a kid's toy, but it's pretty cool in its own right. Remote control helicopters have existed for a while, but these are meant for battle. Each chopper comes with its own laser and sensors so you can dogfight with a friend in the sky. Once you hit your target, they fly into a tailspin.
DNA Cologne ($59.99)

Cologne is an old standby for dads, brothers and dudes who smell at Christmas, but by now we all have a collection of Old Spice and Aqua Velva gathering dust in the medicine cabinet. Your best bet is to go for a truly unique fragrance this year, and what could be more unique than the smell of Elvis Presley? How about Michael Jackson? Or Einstein? My DNA Fragrance has pioneered the DNA fragrance industry, which is to say they use samples of genetic material as a basis for their scents. What does DNA have to do with smells? Who knows, but we bet Einstein smelled smart as hell.
Bruce Lee Cuff Links ($25.95)
Rarely does a man get a chance to use cuff links outside of a handful of weddings and maybe if he takes up a career as a mafia hitman. So why spoil those special occasions with humdrum links when he can be decked out in arguably the coolest cuff links on earth: cuff links that feature Bruce Lee. Take that, formal wear.

Chain Saw Pizza Cutter ($10)
In this day and age the kitchen is supposed to be equal territory for a man or a woman, but by and large kitchenware is marketed strictly to the ladies. But not completely. Some companies resist and go so far overboard in the other direction they make things like the chain saw pizza cutter, because every pizza cutter until now has been missing rotary cutting action reminiscent of power tools.

iWallet ($299)
Like a tie or a pair of socks, the wallet is a pretty standard "I couldn't think of anything else" gift for a man. At least they used to be. Now there's the iWallet, the closest thing you can get to carrying a thug in your pants to protect your cash and credit cards. Featuring a biometric fingerprint reader, hard case and Bluetooth technology, the iWallet is all about security and the most gadgetry you can comfortably nestle next to your ass.

Origami Toilet Paper ($9.50)
Unverified sites on the Internet tell us the average person will spend a couple of years worth of his life in the bathroom. That's a heck of a lot of time we're not using to our full advantage. Using it, sure, but not fully. Thankfully, some good folks saw a void that needed filling and created this origami toilet paper, ensuring we can all spend a few minutes being creative while we take care of business.

Portable Record Player ($89.99)
Yeah, you could get someone a new iPod for Christmas, but come on, iPods are old news. A little retro funk is what you need, especially if it's for an old-school friend of the family who still has a collection of vinyl that's been sitting around waiting to be used. Pop out the VW Bus, set it on a record and it'll drive you through some sweet, scratchy tunes.

Beer of the Month Club ($383.40)
Giving booze as a gift is sometimes hard, as it's often considered not very tactful to just hand someone a beer with a bow on it. At best you can get a bottle of wine or maybe some old Scotch if anything, but never a beer. Luckily the Beer of the Month Club takes the cheapness out of the equation by giving you a full year's worth of brew while at the same time making it seem quaint.

Zombie Pin-Up Calendar
Calendars are another standby gift, as you generally need a new one each year. While you could go for traditional guy themes -- cars, swimsuit models, kittens with motivational phrases -- or you could go for something unique like the Zombie Pin-Up Calendar, which combines the awesomeness of zombies with the hotness of pin-up models for 12 off-putting months.

Piaggio MP3 500 Scooter ($8,899)
If you're looking to spend a little extra this holiday season to get a truly memorable gift, the Piaggio MP3 500 is the way to go. It features two wheels in the front that assist with stability and a wide array of clever engineering to ensure it still has the feel and operation of a standard bike. It's fast, it's fun and it idiot-proofs the motorcycle for experts and novices alike.