Last week, over a thousand men gathered in Manhattan with only one thing in common: a hastily grown mustache. To top off last month's Movember campaign, which raises money to fight prostate and testicular cancer, New York's fuzziest came together for a night of partying at Capitale. Not only did they bring the furry fruit of a month of labor, many also added a theme to their outfits, such as a NASCAR pit crew, the cast of "Reno 911," and our own editor Brian Childs as a Jazz Age fop.

We were thrilled to be a part of the Movember fundraising effort, which has raised over $35 million worldwide. Check out the action from Asylum's photo booth, and be sure to tag your pics from the event on Facebook!,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=793080&pid=793079&uts=1260234123

Awkward Family Photos

    Yes. This really happened.

    This bunch shows that a routine check-up can also be a great opportunity for some quality family time.

    He's the understudy.

    Welcome to the carnival.

    You've just made a baby. So why not paint like one?

    Where do you start? Dad's shorts, Bobby's homicidal fantasies (and Mom's enjoyment thereof) or Suzie's reverse goth-in-white look? This is a family we want to party with.

    This picture = more than words can express.

    These two sons are a guidance counselor's nightmares-in-the-making.

    If the kid on the left is Will Robinson, he's definitely in danger -- Grandpa's laser blaster is precariously close to his head.

    Bob was also the winner of the Discreet Dad of the Year Award ... which he subsequently sold to buy those sweatshirts.