Not sure if you folks reading Asylum realized it, but "Glee" aired its "winter finale" last night. It will be going into hibernation until April, when the group of singing teens will reappear in an oh-so-fitting spot after the Tuesday episode of "American Idol."

How do I know this? Because I watched it. And not because I was doing it to keep my fiancee happy or because I was acting in my capacity as editor of TV Squad. I actually like the show. And I'm not afraid to admit it.

Unlike some other shows that are aimed toward the female 18-34 demographic (like the entire CW lineup), a man can watch "Glee" and feel secure in his masculinity, for a number of reasons:

1. Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Jessalyn Gilsig: Eye candy! Yes, other shows have this too, but the eye candy here don't just brood and pout; Michele has the comic chops to carry the show as annoying overachiever Rachel; Agron has been good as the conflicted, pregnant Cheerio Quinn; and no one can play stone-cold crazy quite like Gilsig.

2. Ryan Murphy: The show's creator / executive producer isn't exactly used to doing "OMG" kind of television. He and his writers may be channeling modern teens in the show, but some of the dark elements of his other show, "Nip/Tuck," tend to creep in during every episode.

In last week's episode, for instance, glee club mentor Will Schuester finally discovered the fake pregnancy of his wife Terri (played by the aforementioned Gilsig); the ensuing confrontation was pretty intense, but didn't seem that out of place with the usual tone of the show.

3. Jane Lynch: Some viewers don't like Lynch's character of ruthless Cheerio coach Sue Sylvester, claiming she's a handlebar mustache away from being Snidely Whiplash. But someone needs to be the alpha male on that show, and Lynch plays a good one. Cocky, aggressive and willing to do anything to crush the little gleesters, it's been fun to watch her in her limited screen time. Good to see the veteran comic actress finally getting her due.

There. I feel much better now. And I think I still have my manhood intact ... I think.

Is there any show that you watch that makes you check your testosterone levels?

Joel Keller is the editor-in-chief of TV Squad. His hormone levels came back fine during his last blood test, so he feels safe, even after a half-season of watching a television musical.