"Men's Health" believes it has its finger on the pulse of what guys want: more sex, six pack abs and the ultimate cardio plan.

So sure are they in this formula, that the magazine almost completely recycled the cover of their October 2007 issue, which featured British tough guy Jason Statham, for this month's issue, starring young American werewolf Taylor Lautner.

Men's Health editor-in-chief David Zinczenko addressed the odd strategy in a statement which, others have pointed out, doesn't make much sense, So, for clarity, we'll paraphrase what we think Zinczenko was trying to say:

Because the 2007 cover had proved to be an attention grabber, it was reused only for magazines destined for the newsstand. The 80 percent of the latest issue that was sent to subscribers features a completely different cover layout with different titles.

All we know is that this duplicated cover just reminds us that in the past two years we've achieved neither the perfect abs nor the great sex life "Men's Health" so boldly promised.

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