A car crash is a tragedy that happens all too often, but on that rare occasion when no one is hurt in a wreck that involves a douchebag driving out of control in an overpriced car, we have to admit it can be pretty satisfying.

While we'd never actually wish a horrific wreck on anyone, that doesn't mean we can't get a little enjoyment out of these videos of expensive cars being turned into heaps of twisted metal.

Chevy Corvette crumbles in car chase
Crime is never the right answer, but if it's the only answer in your arsenal, a good getaway driver should be at the top of your to-do list. And by good, we mean one who can not only drive a manual without grinding the gears into a fine powder, but can successfully powerslide something more powerful than a Power Wheels Hummer.

BMW bounders beyond byway
Races are to crashes as piano bars are to bachelorette parties -- wait long enough and one is bound to turn up. This BMW M3 racer gets clipped by an overly touchy competitor and takes to the grass where a small patch launches the front end into the air almost as if a small spring-loaded canister had been launched below it to create some spectacular movie special effect.

Porsche in repugnant pile-up

Here's another raceway rollover, this time a rather expensive modified Porsche 911 becomes a victim of gravity as it is clipped by another car and flips over sideways before coming to a sad rest on the driver side.

Dodge Viper driver draws divine dolt-slap
Have a look at karma in action in this clip. We're most impressed by the driver filming, who managed to get the whole thing on tape and didn't crash into the car himself. He's either the greatest and most precise driver who ever lived or Mother Teresa has been reincarnated.

McLaren F1 makes high marks
There is nothing more satisfying than watching footage of a crash test in super-slow motion. Maybe it's because of the guilt-free pleasure it provides in knowing that no one was seriously injured. Maybe it's because the chances of catching a similar crash in the real world are next to nonexistent. Here's a more important question: Who cares? This is just awesome.