After a long day of getting chewed out -- and potentially Force-choked -- by a boss like Darth Vader, it's totally clear that your average Imperial Stormtrooper would want to head down to the local cantina to unwind.

If you're enough of a nerd that you sympathize with Tag and Bink for having what's plainly one of the galaxy's crappiest jobs, then we're betting you're also in the target market for a new ale from New England Brewing Company: Imperial Stout Trooper.

The beer, which is available in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and Florida (and, presumably, on Coruscant, Bespin and finer Star Destroyers everywhere), runs $13.99 for a 32-oz. bottle.

We really, really hope that New England Brewing Company can talk Billy Dee Williams into reprising his spokesman role in the classic Colt 45 ads for the commercials.