It may not come as a shock that even video games are prone to being co-opted into the risqué territory of erotic fiction. Internet Rule #34 dictates after all that if it exists, there is porn of it. After some digging around that left us feeling a little awkward and worried about Internet STDs, we found treasure chests full of erotic fanfic stories based on the Final Fantasy series. Here's an excerpt from one such story based on "Final Fantasy VIII" called "Catch and Release":

Selphie crawled back against the headboard, legs trembling the whole prowled, king of her kingdom, owner of the royalty before him. He suddenly felt so righteous. He had taken girls before her but he usually felt a ping of regret as if he were destroying something innocent. But with Selphie, he felt like an angel had allowed him respite in the walls of heaven for one night, like he could play god for a day.

Seifer didn't know what to say. This wasn't cheap, easy sex. This was making love.

Read on to find out if your favorite Final Fantasy characters hooked up after defeating the ultimate evil.

In "Final Fantasy X," Yuna goes on a pilgrimage to save the world. One of her companions on the journey is a no-nonsense, barely dressed black mage named Lulu. In the game, the two have a little sister/big sister dynamic. In the erotic fan fiction "She Goes Without Saying," however, the two take their relationship to another level:

She molds Yuna's tingling body with authoritative strokes, coaxing limbs to loosen, knees to part. Her hands are electric. Some part of her seethes with fury as she dips her chin, inhales, and abandons restraint for ravishment.

Entwined with Lulu's braids, Yuna's fingers curl and uncurl in shock. The summoner makes no sound even now: not when she begins to tremble, hips rocking in mute plea, not when deft fingers replace tongue like thundaga chasing thundara, not even when Yuna arches, stills, and falls shuddering to the sheets.

"Final Fantasy XII" featured an epic character-driven story full of political intrigue, scandal and betrayal. The nearly 5,000-word-long story "Reasons Why" decides to ignore most of that and focus on gay royal sex between bit characters even the most ardent Final Fantasy fanboys are unlikely to remember. Homosexuality doesn't really exist in Final Fantasy games, so it's interesting to see it explored here, even if it's just two dudes doing it. An excerpt:

He was aware, quite suddenly, of the heat between them -- that he was sprawled over the King's writing desk with the prince of Dalmasca draped over him -- of the not-so-subtle cant of Raminas' hips against him, with obvious arousal and light noises to accompany it. For a moment, it almost seemed to matter. Then, Raminas kissed him again, this time right over the round of his throat, and Halim realized that nothing really mattered, as long as Raminas didn't stop.

"Not here," Raminas muttered suddenly, pulling at Halim and Halim's clothes at the same time, looking around half-desperate, more than half-drunk, with Halim rising slowly from his sprawl. He repeated himself, idiotic, and Halim could only laugh like a fool and pull Raminas toward the chaise he'd commandeered earlier.

It was far more comfortable there, anyway.

Another story featuring "Final Fantasy X"'s Lulu. Funny how her appearance in the game -- featuring massive, mostly exposed cleavage -- seems to dictate to fan-fic writers that outside of questing to save the world, she enjoys promiscuous sex with whomever is around. This time, it's straight-up straight sex with the game's father figure, Auron, who is around 20 years her senior. You may have to cast Esuna on yourself by taking a cold shower after reading "Not the First Time":

Lulu gave a high, soft groan as her fingers burrowed down into wet folds. She began to stroke herself with a light touch. His hand lingered over her wrist. It was delicious having him there, silently witnessing every caress. She started to protest when he pulled his hand away, until she heard the rustle of fabric close by her ear, felt his legs shift as he adjusted himself. He worked more silently, but the knowledge of what was happening a few inches from her face made her cheeks hot.

Among other things.

She began to breathe his name now and again, so quietly that a voyeur standing 10 feet away would barely have heard her.
Auron. No, she had not dared such informality back then, not even in private fantasy. Sir Auron, she corrected herself, lips caressing each syllable.

"Final Fantasy VII" is widely considered the best game in the series, thanks in part to its large roster of memorable characters. After reading "Erotic Saints," however, you may want to block out at least two supporting characters from your memory. The story features NPCs Rufus and Reeve sharing a drink after work (i.e. killing goblins in caves) at a gay bar. You know it's about to get nasty when someone asks, "Have you ever had sex on the dance floor?"

Reeve wrapped his arms around Rufus and rocked against him, his mind fuzzing out at the friction. It felt so good, Rufus grinding harder against him. Reeve closed his eyes and fell victim to the devil's dance, the blonde holding tight to Reeve's hips controlling him. Reeve whimpered trying to urge Rufus to go faster. He wanted more of the man and he wanted it now.