100. Facebook Party Raided by Police Helicopter, Dogs, 70 Cops (1,490 Diggs)
Two neighboring teens threw a joint house party in England which got out of control after the details of the bash were posted on Facebook. Hundreds of revelers gatecrashed the affair, and when some of the party-goers began fighting in the street, 70 cops, a police helicopter and a canine unit were required to break up the melee. "I can only begin to imagine the kind of trouble I would have gotten into if I had the Internet as a teen," wrote CB810.

99. Too Fat to Work Family Says $36,000 Is Not Enough Benefit Cash (1,504)
The Chawners, a married English couple and their two adult daughters, haven't been able to work in 12 years. The reason? They're too fat. Weighing in at between 240 and 340 pounds, the Chawners claim they're too heavy to find work and that the 36, 000 dollars they get a year in government assistance isn't enough to, ahem, "put food on the table." Diggydougie isn't buying it: "Ever hear of a call center? The most fat can still talk."

98. Child Shoots Intruder During Home Break In (1,557)
A 10-year old boy who was home alone with his 8-year-old sister thwarted a break-in by shooting one of the invaders in the face. The boy and his sister had retreated into their mother's bedroom closet after three men had kicked down their front door. But when the intruders entered the bedroom and began threatening the children, the fifth grader fired away with his mom's gun. The perps were arrested after being hospitalized, and somewhere Macaulay Culkin is smiling.

97. Alien Baby or Elaborate Hoax? (1,562)
Those who care about such things have been wondering if an alien-baby corpse discovered by a Mexican farmer a couple years ago is the real thing. Oddly, the farmer who claimed he found the creature alive and then drowned it was later killed in a fire in which the flames had a much higher temperature than normal. Leading some to suggest the baby alien's parents came back to Earth and exercised their vengeance.

96. Law Enforcement Low: Cop Pulls Over Ambulance With Patient (1,579)
While responding to a call, Oklahoma state trooper Daniel Martin pulled over an ambulance which failed to yield to him. When a paramedic jumped out of the back and tried to explain that they were driving a patient to the hospital, an argument ensued and Martin attempted to arrest the paramedic. The ambulance didn't have its siren on, which gives Martin the right to pull it over. But when a cell phone video the patient's son shot of the officer ignoring the paramedic's pleas to let them drive on surfaced, that technicality didn't mean much in the court of public opinion.

95. Full-Size House to Be Built With LEGO Bricks (1,612)
James May, a television host in England was able to build a full-size two-story house out of LEGO bricks for his BBC show. The 20-foot-tall plastic dwelling, which was built by 1,000 volunteers using 3.3 million LEGOs, had a fully functional bathroom and a very uncomfortable bed. Despite May's hope that someone would live in the house -- which he was offering for free -- there were no takers, and it was demolished

94. McDonald's Sued Over Woman' s Naked Buns (1,656)

An Arkansas man left a cell phone -- which contained nude photos of his wife -- inside of a McDonald's. Then, after said nude photos ended up on the Internet, Phillip Sherman sued the Mickey D's for $3 million, claiming he and his wife had to move to a new town to escape from her smitten stalkers. Ask03 isn't buying it: "Most of the people I've seen at McDonald's I would not want to see nude."

93. Man Takes 26 Years to Solve Rubik's Cube (1,691)
After working on it for 26 years, Graham Parker finally solved his Rubik's Cube. But how much time did he really spend on the puzzle toy? Well, let's ask the man himself: "I have missed important events to stay in and solve it," the 48-year-old explained. "I have had wrist and back problems from spending hours on it but it was all worth it. When I clicked that last bit into place and each face was a solid color, I wept."

92. The Greatest Virginity Story Ever Told (1,703)
Otto Baxter, a high-functioning, outgoing 21-year-old with Down's Syndrome, has become somewhat of a celebrity in his home country of England due to his enthusiasm for women and an all-encompassing desire to get laid. Last summer he took his show to America and embarked with his exceedingly patient 28-year-old minder on a hilarious and sex-charged road trip through the American west. As we said at the time, we're finally rooting for someone else to get laid.

91. Man Tries to Fool Cops by Calling 911 During Stop (1,706)
A man about to be pulled over by the police come up with what he surely thought was ingenious way to get the fuzz off his tail: He pulled out his cell phone and reported an armed robbery happening a few blocks away. His plan worked at first, and the squad cars in his rear-view mirror peeled away to attend to the crime he created. But it wasn't long before another cruiser picked him up. He was arrested for having an illegal firearm, and the authorities were then able to trace the fake robbery report to his phone.