While social networking sites can be cold and unforgiving places, full of snark and fail, the holiday season has a way of softening the heart of even the most cynical distributor of memes.

Take, for example, RedditGifts, the secret Santa-themed offshoot of popular news aggregation site Reddit. This December over 5,000 Redditors agreed to ship a present to at least one other Redditor, shattering the previous world record for the largest secret Santa. So far, about 90 percent of participants have kept up their end of the bargain.

To keep the spirit going, Redditors are encouraged to post pictures and descriptions of what they have received. A quick glance at the haul reveals that (not surprisingly) the presents tilt towards being geeky and ironic, like the a plastic pirate toy and book on piracy, or a DVD of an after-school Star Wars Christmas special that ran in the '70s.

Although participants were only encouraged to spend 15 bucks, the average gift is currently running about $35, with one lucky Redditor receiving an undisclosed gift worth over $4,000!

However, our favorite gift has to be the student who received $1,500 in crisp $100 bills. Maybe it's because we are cynical Internet folk, but nothing says Christmas like cold, hard cash.