Christmas gets a lot of play this time of year, but let's not forget that plenty of other holiday celebrations claim their fair share of awesome seasonal cheer. If you thought Hanukkah was all dreidels and kosher meals, you're missing out. The Jewish people snazzy up their holiday just like anyone else. For instance, why settle for your grandpa's menorah when you can use one of these?

Eight-Sided Menorah

Kind of like an industrial Hanukkah countdown menorah, it's made of anodized aluminum and with eight sides, you turn it every day as it removes one hole, counting down the eight days of Hanukkah for you.
Remaining Wall Menorah

If you have $15,000 to drop on your menorah, then this one's for you. Designed to look like the last remaining section of wall from the Warsaw Ghetto, this piece is not only beautiful and functional, it packs a historical punch as well.
LED Menorah

Because anytime you start lighting candles, there's always a chance the cat is going to burn the whole neighborhood down, you can remove some of the risk from Hanukkah by using a completely geeked out LED menorah

Star Trek LED Menorah

If regular LED is not geeky enough for you, then the Star Trek LED Menorah has enough geek for all eight days.

Dog Hat Menorah

People like to dress up their pets. No one knows why, but they do. And over the holidays, this habit triples -- there are elves and Santas and reindeer dogs aplenty. And now, at long last, Jewish dogs can get in on the action.

Junk Menorah

Roger Wood runs a business called Klockwerks and generally makes clocks, but he's branched out into menorahs. Oh, and all his stuff is made from assorted spare parts from random other gadgets, ensuring that his handmade, one-of-a-kind items are going to be some of the most unique pieces you're ever likely to come across.

Star Wars Menorah

We couldn't represent "Star Trek" without giving a nod to the other epic space opera in our lives -- "Star Wars." In this case, it's lightsabers, C3PO and the Empire helping us commemorate the rededication of the Death Star, or something like that.

Dreidel Menorah

Multi-tasking is where it's at for the holidays, so why saddle yourself with a lazy menorah that does nothing but menor all day when you can get one that also turns into a dreidel? It's like the Transformers if it had been directed by a rabbi as opposed to Michael Bay.

Weiner Dog Menorah

All the world loves a weiner dog, right? So why not set his back aflame to celebrate the season. Honestly, we're not sure we understand this one, but whatever. More Jewish than Star Wars.