Us Weekly Cover about Tiger Woods: Yes, He CheatedAs if men didn't have enough to worry about in the relationship department, along comes Tiger Woods to make it even harder. If TMZ is to be believed, his epic philandering has sullied the reputations of seemingly nice guys everywhere and is turning their wives into paranoid cell-phone snoopers.

They've dubbed the phenomenon Tiger Woods Syndrome, and the most high-profile sufferer is "American Idol" winner Kris Allen, whose wife is apparently "having bad dreams" after reading about the Tiger mess.

Until Tiger backed his Escalade over that fire hydrant on Thanksgiving night, he was seen as a pretty milquetoast kind of guy -- intense and competitive, but a good family man. So it makes sense that wives might begin to wonder if their nice guy is stepping out on them.

Never mind that the actions of a super-rich, world-famous athlete don't exactly equate to what might happen when the average woman's husband stays at that Hampton Inn in Sheboygan for that twice-a-year sales meeting. Still, for the minority of dudes who actually are cheating, things have to be getting pretty uncomfortable.

Has the Tiger Woods scandal made your wife or significant other more paranoid?