Mark Malkoff Hopes to Crowd Surf ManhattanAt this precise moment in time, somewhere in New York City, Mark Malkoff is either being hoisted, piggy-backed or crowd-surfed northward across the island of Manhattan. Or else he's lying on a sidewalk freezing his butt off.

In an effort to prove how friendly New Yorkers are, Malkoff is hoping to be carried from the Staten Island Ferry to the Broadway Bridge at 220th and Broadway, basically the entire length of Manhattan. What could possibly go wrong?

In his favor, this isn't the first wacky stunt Malkoff has attempted; he lived in a jet for 30 days, and tried to visit every single Starbucks in Manhattan in a single day. He's also that guy who lived in an Ikea for a week. Clearly he loves torture.

This challenge might prove tougher than seven days sleeping in a bed named after somebody's Swedish uncle though, as we suspect things are going to get really rough once he hits the 60s; it's hard for old people to help a dude crowd surf, even if he does only weigh 130 lbs.

To follow Mark, check out his Twitter. To take a stab at how far he'll make it (or at what point he may actually get stabbed) leave a comment.

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