New Orleans is not the city you think it is. Sure, there are endless amounts of boob flashers, drunk people falling on their faces in broad daylight and yokels firing off machine guns, but there's also a merry band of pranksters who gallivant through the French Quarter and Mid-City on bicycles, pub-hopping for every Saints game.

The 30-plus participants dress up their bicycles in black-and-gold colors and ride bar to bar through Mid-City New Orleans on game days.

Jeanne Vidrine, organizer for the weekly event, says that her people are the finest NOLA has to offer -- and they make no excuses for anything, especially their hometown adulation. "This being a magical, undefeated season has only made it the merrier," she points out.

They are often led by Ross Louis, aka Chef Who Dat, who designs the group's kickoff lunch menu, which always sticks to the theme of "serving up the other team," as the group puts it. (For example, a game against the Denver Broncos might feature a Bronco Burger.)

From there, the marauders hit local bars like The Bulldog and the Mid-City Yacht club, blasting Saints-related music and endlessly reciting the "Who Dat?" chant.

Viridine denies charges that, during all this gallivanting, laws are being broken and pedestrians and others are endangered.

"One of our riders is on a Vespa and he is our unofficial traffic warden, helping us to navigate across major intersections."

She also makes it clear that although the city has a liberal open-container law, everyone uses both of their hands to operate their bikes.

The city has long sought this kind of community spirit in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and it certainly seems to have found it in its makeshift booster clubs.

What do you think -- are these fun-lovin' folks making the city look too hard-partyin', or should this be celebrated as a novel way to rebuild community spirit?