Forget your astrology desk calendar and Barack Obama mini-12-month one-sheet glossy. The only calendars you even need to consider looking at for the next 52 weeks are packed with illustrious talent in the art of looking great naked. Check out some of the best model calendars of 2010 featuring Cheryl Cole, Gemma Atkinson and other people who are not actually British.

The Pirelli

The NSFW Pirelli calendar is always the year's most sought-after nudie compendium for sophisticates.

This year, up-and-coming B-list nudists like Miranda Kerr and Lily Cole (the respective girlfriends of Orlando Bloom and, occasionally, Jude Law) bare their bosoms for whatever causes this ridiculous and often pointless set of photos by British and Italian photographers and printers.

Sure, there's probably more to it than that, but when boobs are on display, we don't tend to pay much attention to the details.

The Sun 2010 Page 3 Calendar

We still haven't really wrapped our heads around the fact that newspapers in the U.K. have boobs in them. But sometimes in life you just have to learn to go with the flow and not question good fortune. This calendar taught us that.
Cheryl Cole Official 2010 Calendar

Cheryl Cole is one of those annoying people who achieved fame by being in a girly pop group in England. What's even worse is that this girly pop group achieved its own fame by being on a reality television show.

The third strike against her is that, as Popoholic dubs her, she's the Megan Fox of England -- a person who brings in huge amounts of money regardless of talent, simply by being hot. Thankfully, Cole's 2010 wall calendar isn't a talking (or singing) one.
Gemma Atkinson A3 Calendar 2010

Ah, here's another one of those ubiquitous reality show contestants from England with no visibility in the United States. Luckily, like Cheryl Cole, Atkinson is extremely good-looking and well-endowed ... in the womanly way, of course.

Her boobs have graced "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!," "Celebrity Weakest Link," "Celebrity Masterchef" and "Soapstar Superstar"; now they'll grace your bedroom wall, where they belong.
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2010 Wall Calendar

It's obvious for a reason.
The Naked 2010 Wall Calendar

Here we have an anonymous blonde woman butt naked, touching herself, throwing her head back in ecstasy and generally abandoning every virtue she was raised to respect. In other words, this calendar is freakin' awesome.

Who is the model and why is this calendar even on the market? We cannot say and won't complain. By the way, the manufacturer warns, "This calendar contains nudity and is intended for a mature audience." We'll take two, please.
Unforgettable 2010 Calendar

Photographer Mark Thompson returns with the 2010 edition of his "women of color" calendar, which has been greatly anticipated by lovers of the female form. Of course, detractors will note that four of the last five months of the year are headed with photographs of the African-American rear end, which seems a bit tiresome in this day and age.

Gentlemen -- there is much to appreciate about African-American females, just as there is much to appreciate about all females. They are one and the same, so let's find more creative ways to photograph them, okay? Thank you.
The Pin-Up 2010 Wall Calendar

Do pin-up girls counts as models? Whatever, we want them on this list because everyone loves a pin-up, even guys who like erotic tentacle anime and balloon porn. Besides, these titles remind us that porn actually used to be relatively tasteful and, believe it or not, incredibly sexy.

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