It's been 5,000 years since the dawn of civilization and 10 years since "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," but apparently the fashion world only recently discovered that there are billions of Asian people on the planet -- and some of them are hot.

We were impressed with Angel-elect Kylie Bisutti, but 21-year-old Liu Wen will be making history as the first-ever Asian model to walk the runway at a Victoria's Secret show.

Wen, who was born in China's Hunan province, has been modeling in America for years. She was forced to stand in the shadows until recently, however, in order for Lucy Liu to retain her standing as "the only Asian female the American media are willing to accept on magazine covers."

Wen waited patiently until the 2009 spring fashion season before she made the leap to stardom, with appearances in Vogue, i-D and Allure, as well as ads for DKNY Jeans and GAP.

New York called this development "a pretty amazing statistic," which is a wimpy way of looking at such an historic event. Here's another perspective -- with photo evidence of Liu Wen, in all her glory.