Best Holiday Date Ideas
Get the best gift of all this holiday season, a surprise lay. (AskMen)
Santa Conquers the Martians
Hoo-ray! (Burbia)
ATHF X-mas
Carl's serenade to booze, porn and Styx. (Adult Swim)
10 Types of Mall Santas
All lowly. (Maxim)

15 Movie Posters Inappropriately Photoshopped for the Holidays
There are many reasons these weren't Christmas movies. (Inside Movies)
The Hottest Babes in Christmas Movies
Sadly she was just a figment of Clark Griswold's imagination. (Holy Taco)

Sketchy Santas
Sit With Caution. (Urlesque)
Christmas Prank Reaction
Awww, shucks. (Buzzfeed)
36 Cool and Bizarre Christmas Trees
From around the globe. (Walyou)
Speedo Fundraiser Run
Strip down for the kids. (Uncoached)
The 7 Worst Things About the Holiday Season
Brought to you by Ebenezer Scrooge. (Guyism)
The Chive Hunts for Hot Girls
Help these Web sleuths uncover the truth about these Internet-famous ladies. (The Chive)

5 Gaping Plot Holes You Didn't Notice (Cracked)

The 20 Most Ogled Women of Playboy 2009 (COED)

7 Ways to Ma
How RoboCop Solves Crime [Flowchart]
Inside the Mind of a Cyborg. (Cracked)
Hello, Rachelle Leah.
Getting to know UFC's Warrior Princess. (Maxim)
Plain Awesome Animated Japanese Montage
Do yourself a favor and watch this video. (I-Am-Bored)

Barry Hump -- Home Office
Barry Hump, HR Superstar, searches for a home office amid a workplace scandal. (Funny or Die)
I Would Not F**k With Our Air Force
Unless you want to get obliterated. (The Chive)
Legendary Psycho Chicks
The scariest females on film. (Ask Men)
Kid Jumps From Building to Building
No wires, no nets. (I-Am-Bored)

Anchor Laughs at Murder (Funny or Die)

The Soviet Union's Bizarre "Star Wars" Promotional Poster (Neatorama)

Ten Little-Known Facts About "The Simpsons" (Mental Floss)

In Defense of Tiger Woods (The Bachelor Guy)
Ten Playboy Celebrity "Guest Ring Girls" that UFC Should Consider
Paging Dana White. (Bleacher Report)
Dangerous Wands
"Harry Potter" meets "Dangerous Minds." Because a reparo spell can't fix everything. (CollegeHumor)
The Hottest Bosses From the Movies
Their Power Is Intriguing. (Maxim)
The History of Boob Jobs
Insert Gordon S. WOOD joke here. (Holy Taco)

Video of Eliza Dushku's "Complex" Bikini Cover Shoot
Thank you, Internetz. (AskMen via Complex)

Was the Little Mermaid a Ho?
I don't remember these lyrics. (The Chive)
6 TV Shows That Lost Their Minds
Remember that episode of Baywatch with the sea monster? (Cracked)
How to Compliment Women With Sign Language
You're definitely the hottest one in your group. (Ask Men)
Irina Voronina's Mind-Blowing Reel
A video your eyes will thank you for getting to watch. (AskMen)

Metallica's Master of Puppets on the Harp (Uncoached)

The Top 10 FOX News Fails of 2009 (Ranker)

Strange and Fascinating Snow Globes (Gunaxin)
The Year in Photobombing
The movement marches on. (The Chive)
Video Game-Playing Cuties
And the Video Game Awards. (COED)
He Is Tiger Woods
And He's Here to Set the Record Straight. (Funny or Die)
The Year in Photobombing
The movement marches on. (The Chive)

Sex Tape Fail
This is painfully awkward. (Buzzfeed)
If Video Games Were Realistic
Dr. Mario would have some explaining to do. (Cracked)
The Worst Hand Gesture
That a girl can give to a guy. (I Am Bored)
Introducing the Bacon Bikini
The only unpleasant part of this picture is the fact that it's raw. (CollegeHumor)

Best of the Toilet Paper (The Bachelor Guy)

Urban Olympics -- the Video (Burbia)

A&E Sued by Suspect From Cop Show (Chicago Now)
The 40 Hottest Athletes of the Past Decade
Hot women who are also good at sports. (Bleacher Report)
Inner Monologue of the Bethlehem Innkeeper
Who the hell comes to town without a reservation? (Holy Taco)
Historical Figures Who Were Notoriously Hard to Kill
Deals with the devil? (Cracked)

Putting the Tail in Tailgating
Raise your hand if you miss college. (The Chive)
4 Tricks to Make Her Orgasm
Just kiss the right side of her spine, got it? (AskMen)

Olivia Munn May Be the Perfect Woman
We're checking with our team of scientists. (Maxim)

Sexy Girls Sporting Shoulder Pads
And not much else. (COED)
ATHF X-mas
Carl's serenade to booze, porn and Styx. (Adult Swim)
The Most Upsetting Fact of the Decade
If you have standards, you'll be devastated. (Buzzfeed)
Video Game Timeline
The evolution of your favorite boob tube box. (Online Education)

A Theatrical Reenactment of Green Lantern (ComicsAlliance)

25 Strippers Failing (Holy Taco)

10 Cool Smoke Art Images (Uncoached)
A Very Special ATHF Christmas
Involving identity theft. (Adult Swim)
Epic Facebook Argument
Probably fake, but who knows? Maybe it's not. Also, involves freaky sex. (I-Am-Bored)
Speaking of Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, creator and CEO of Facebook, had his private photos exposed do to a failure of understanding the new privacy settings. Click for sweet, sweet irony. (Gawker)
Hardly Working -- Double Jointed
The gang tries claymation. (CollegeHumor)

5 Animals That Can Do Amazing Things ... With Their Penises
The flatworm's doubles as a sword; argonaut's is detachable. (Cracked)

Virgin Atlantic Unveils First Tourist Spaceship

Featuring ticket prices as cheap as ... one billion dollars. (The Chive)

Bobby Bottleservice
"Jersey Shore" Audition Tape. (Funny or Die)
The 2009 Redneck Awards
This guy won the boating title. (The Chive)
Twitter Chick
She's too busy. (Atom)
Amazing Christmas Trees and Ornaments
The definitive source. (Walyou)

A Gallery of Fat Cops (Banned In Hollywood)

One of These Girls Is Not Like the Others (Manofest)

Man, This Recession Is Hitting EVERYONE Hard (I-Am-Bored)
The 11 Best "Robot Chicken" Parodies
Look how far we've come. (Adult Swim)
10 Types of Mall Santas
All lowly. (Maxim)
10 Best Tarantino Death Scenes
No one kills like Quentin. (AskMen)
The Hottest Babes in Christmas Movies
Sadly she was just a figment of Clark Griswold's imagination. (Holy Taco)
5 Things We'd Like to Know About Glenn Beck
Was He a Black Panther? (COED Mag)
The 10 Most Baffling Action-Figure Accessories of All Time
Slalom Batman Didn't Really Need to Exist. (Cracked)

The 7 Worst Things About the Holiday Season
Brought to you by Ebenezer Scrooge. (Guyism)
The 25 Worst Album Covers of the Decade

At least Brooke Hogan's "music" will be remembered for something. (Gunaxin)
A Guide to the Crappy Games You'll Get From Old People This Holiday
Grandparents just don't understand. (GameSpy)

36 Cool and Bizarre Christmas Trees
From around the globe. (Walyou)
"Jersey Shore"
Recast with athletes. (Bleacher Report)
7 Superpowers
Steven Seagal really thinks he has. (Cracked)
Worst Celebrity Parents
All of your favorite deadbeat parents! (COED)
The Greatest Legs
A photo essay of an often overlooked body part in the male blogosphere. (Maxim)
Antarctica Is on Fire
At the worst possible time. (AskMen)

MacGyver Kitty
He's an action cat. (Buzzfeed)

8 Most Hilarious Tracy Morgan Moments on TV (COED)

The Heisman Trophy Candidates As Compared to "Family Guy" (Bleacher Report)

Extra Large Condoms (AskMen)
Super NES Toaster Mod
Keep your games hot. (WiiNoob)
Sneak Ninja Hides From Mall Cops
Will never be found. (I-Am-Bored)
The Essential Vinyls of 1984
A great year for music. (Maxim)

It's the Year 3000, and Archeologists Have Just Discovered a Band Called 'The Beatles'
It all started at Ed Sullivan's Woodstock Festival. (The Presurfer)

New Product Alert: The Handjob
Opens jars, is hilariously named. (I-Am-Bored)

Getting to Know Nostradamus
The End Is Nigh! (Neatorama)
Amazing Fork Art
Made by folk artists. (Dornob)

The Official Laker Girls Timeline (Buzzfeed)

Fox Is Making Fools of Themselves Again (YesButNoButYes)

Pee Wee Herman's 1988 Christmas Special Streaming Online!
(Mental Floss)
Optimus Prime Costume
Actually transforms. (Walyou)
Who has the Best Abs in Rock 'n' Roll?
Includes one dude who famously had a flabby stomach in his biggest song's music video. (Men's Fitness)
25 Examples of Extreme Laziness
You can click on this and laugh, or if you're lazy, take notes. (Holy Taco)

Sketchy Santas
Sit With Caution. (Urlesque)

Bobby Bottleservice Makes "Jersey Shore" Audition Tape
He couldn't make the show any more absurd than it already is. (Funny or Die)

A Comprehensive List of Tiger's Mistresses
Also available as a full-length encyclopedia. (Holy Taco)
The Sex Ed Lessons You Wish They'd Taught You
Courtesy of Photoshop and creative readers. (Cracked)
Top 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2009
For dudes. (Ask Men)
25 More Highly Questionable T-Shirts
Perfect for showing off your trashy side. (I Am Bored)
BCS National Championship Cheerleaders
Who has the best sideline? (COED)

9 Tips to Get Through Security (AskMen)

A Porn Star Responds: Could Tiger Have Really Slept With Holly Sampson? (Esquire)

Google Was Made Famous by "Sesame Street" 27 Years Ago (Uncoached)
National Geographic Photo Contest Results
Photos that will make your eyes pop. (Neatorama)
Will Frank Mir and Cheick Kongo Be the Shortest Fight Ever?
That either opponent could win? (UFC)
Maxim's Favorite 100 Jokes
Old-school knee slappers. (Maxim)
This Dog Really Likes to Swing
He's just like a trapeze artist. (Burbia)
Three Decades + 1 Million Toothpicks
An amazing miniature city. (Dornob)
A Day in the Internet
The amount of information online will melt your brain. (Pxlmonster)
Sexy Surfer Girls
In action on the waves. (The Chive)
100 Funniest Jokes
They've narrowed it down from 102. (Maxim)
Now available for public use. (I Am Bored)
WTF Images
You've never seen before. (I-Am-Bored)

Warning: Crash Diets and Increased Cardio Don't Work (AskMen)

Totally-Non-Pedo Michael Jackson Painting (Buzzfeed)

Carl's Stone-Cold Lock of the Century (Adult Swim)
The Crying Game
The biggest cry babies in sports. (The Bleacher Report)
Adorable Cat Behaviour
With evil explanations. (Cracked)
New "Kids in the Hall"!
Death comes to town. (Funny or Die)
Kenan Thompson's Horrible Impression of Tiger Woods
Does this count as another transgression? (With Leather)

Coolest Christmas Anime Ornaments
The safe way to tell your family you're into hentai. (Walyou)

Dog vs. Firework vs. Buttcrack
Don't try this at home. Or anywhere else. (Holy Taco)

10 Landmark Moments in Animation History
From Betty Boop to South Park. (Mental Floss)
The Sexiest Referee Videos
Or girls dressed in skimpy ref uniforms. (Uncoached)
The 10 Bloodiest Moments of 2009
Animated blood, that is. (Adult Swim)