Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

Researchers have established an "ideal facial feature arrangement" in women.

Over the course of four experiments, volunteers were asked to look at a series of photos of the same woman's face. Each image had been Photoshopped to manipulate the vertical distance between the woman's eyes and mouth, as well as the horizontal distance between her eyes. The volunteers were then asked to pick the most attractive images.

From the volunteers' responses, researchers determined that, in order to achieve the golden ratio, the space between a woman's eyes and mouth had to constitute 36 percent of her total facial length (the distance from the chin to the hairline). Also, the distance between her two eyes had to be 46 percent of her total facial width (the distance between the inner edges of her ears). According to those measurements, singer Shaina Twain is a perfect 36/46 (or 18/23 for you math nerds), while long-faced Angelina Jolie misses the mark on both length and width.

Gosh, we'll never be able to look at Jolie the same away again.