Do you need a new sound system to complement the new stripper pole you put in your basement? Why not the AssSpeaker, designed by Younes Daneshvar and Javad Yazdani? The system comes in three pieces, a primary, full-figured butt that would make Coco blush is the subwoofer and control system, whereas two additional smaller cheeks (a left one and a right one, naturally) house the tweeters.

Best feature? Yeah, you'd think it was the fact that this Bluetooth-enabled sound system doesn't need any wires. But, really, it's this: You have to smack the subwoofer to activate it. Yeah, you'd hit that.

Sadly this banging, bootylicious system is only a concept. It's a no-brainer that there will obviously be enough demand to make these a reality. I mean, Sir Mix-a-Lot would probably take one for each of his houses.