Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

A study has confirmed the stereotype that women are worse than men at parking cars.

German researchers had 65 volunteers repeatedly parallel park a sedan and also pull it head-on into a standard lot parking space. Put aside the fact that it took an average of 20 seconds longer for women to execute the maneuvers, they were also slightly less likely than their male counterparts to properly center their vehicles in the spaces

Biopsychologist Claudia Wolf conducted the study in response to chauvinistic comments she often heard about women drivers. Ultimately, she concluded that the superior spatial awareness of males allow them to process changes in a car's position faster and more accurately.

We would advise men everywhere that this is a conclusion they should take only silent pride in. Save that "I told you so" for another day, fellas. Like when scientists prove we're actually smarter.